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It’s 2016 and while there are other spy software solutions that have shown up there are many tried and true companies that are not just still around though are selling the most products.  Since I don’t see any reason going over 10 plus companies out there when you can look at just the top spy software companies’ products right now and more readily make your decision on what best fits your needs.  I will provide my short list below for you based on the cell spy reviews I have read and based on my own findings from each spy product here…

So, the first one that we will look at is Mobile Spy, now this is not necessarily the top pick though we will get to it.  The reason I list is that the basic software may have just what you need, meaning it doesn’t have potentially all the features other spy apps may offer, though does come at a lower price point…they are working on a pro account which I will look over once it’s released.  In any event, the features you will find include:

Track GPS Locations, Browser Monitoring, Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Calls, Monitor All Text Messages, See All Photos and Videos, See All Installed Apps, Available for iOS* and Android – see supported devices.   To get it to install, you need to setup an account and basically download the app to the device.  Note, the spy app runs in stealth mode so it is completely invisible to user.

For more information on Mobile Spy you can visit here.  If there are any discounts available for this product I have also included that when you click the link for this one and all products shown on this page.


SpyeraThe next product is Spyera, a cell spy product that has been around for some time.  It works on the Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Symbian.  So they cover a wide range of brands others do not.  They are not always listed as the top product though they have had products being purchased by many and again the features they have might be sufficient for what you are looking for.  Features include: live call listening, live call recording, spy on IM, ambient listenting, track sms messages, multimedia files, location tracking, track emails, spy on voip apps, password grabber, alert wizard.  Again, they have some unique features that you don’t find in the other spy apps mentioned here so depending on what you are doing this might be something to consider.  Downsides for Apple users is that the iOS does need to be jailbroken and though similar to spy apps mentioned you do need to physically install the app.
You can check out Spyera PhoneSpy here.


Looking at the next spy phone app, Mobistealth is actually quite popular and seems to be selling very well.  They have been around for a number of years and continue to work to protect family and business through helping you as they mention identify online vulnerabilities and to be able to stop unwanted activities at home or work.  Again, this spy phone app works with Android, iPhone (jailbreak not required), Blackberry, and Nokia/ Symbian.  The features include: ability to see calls, text messages, videos, and pictures, location tracking, monitoring skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc…Video and Picture logging, email and text message logging, and web history and contact details can be obtained.  They do mention too that no Rooting is required for the Android, Blackberry, and Symbian phones.  The Mobistealth software runs hidden too.  Another advantage to this being a good company to work with based on it’s longevity of providing this type of software is the ability to reach them by phone which they make available on their website.  This is a lot better than waiting for an email for support, for those who may want to make a quick call to get a question answered.

To see a demo of Mobistealth visit – Mobistealth Reviews Demo Here

Find out more about Mobistealth HERE


Now, let’s get to this….I put this as the top pick for a few reasons.  Mspy is another company that has been offering phone spy software for quite some time now, they are listed by a number of other sites as either the top product or near the top, they have a 24/ 7 support phone number, and some great features include the ability to not just see what’s going on…they offer the ability to also control Apps and Programs.  Okay, so the other features include: tracking text messages, reading emails, tracking GPS location, monitoring internet usage, access to the calendar and address book, reading instant messages, viewing multimedia files, remote control, and they do provide as mentioned on their site comprehensive reports so you can get quite a bit of information with this spy cell app.

Checkout the Mspy Demo HERE

And, to see more about Mspy visit their site below:

CLICK HERE to Visit the Mspy Website


Over the years there have been a number of Spy Software companies that have come and gone…along with changes in the industry that have geared this technology for the usage of watching over and making sure your children were protected online.  Another use for these spy apps has been in the workplace.  This has allowed companies internal policies to make sure that employee online interaction were in accordance to the company rules and regulations.  For both types of ways to protect kids and business assets, you do need to make sure that the one being monitored is aware of this.  As stated more than once on this site, do pay attention to the laws that cover your State/ Country to make sure you are using this software with the proper legal usage.

Refund Periods – Extended Refund Available
There are refund periods too on these products, you can check out and see what they are when you visit the site.  Overall, you should have time to be able to test the product out and see if it works once you get it.  If not, you should be able to request for a refund.  If for some reason you go beyond the warranty period and still want a refund….what I can do from my end, is given I’m paid a small commission on a product sale, is if you email me with 90 days past the refund period…given you went past the refund date and didn’t get your money back….and I will send via paypal to you what I received.  Just send over the receipt of your purchase here.  Overall, I want to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

So What is the Best Spy Software? How do I Choose?
Well, so we have gone over a number of cell spy software products and I realize you ultimately have to decide what is best for you.  Again, the winner at this time is Mspy.   Again, if you don’t need a feature such as controlling apps and programs or others Mspy offers… Mobistealth is the next great choice.  Both companies seem to be doing well in this market space and are the more popular choices that people are purchasing right now.  Overall, these are companies that have been around and I would expect them to continue to do so…versus other new companies and products that come and go.